Round Cotton Face Cloth

by Pegg Thomas

I’ve been knitting face cloths for a few weeks now using different patterns I’ve found on the Internet.  Most were larger than I liked and some more complicated than I wanted, but I really like the round patterns best.  I fashioned this one by compiling the best parts of other patterns.  This cloth measures 8” across.  

The wedges are made by working short rows.  I like knitting it on 2 double pointed needles because they are shorter and easier to flip around when I needed to make a turn.

Materials Needed:
Sugar and Cream worsted weight cotton yarn (approx. 1 oz per cloth)
Size 7 knitting needles
One size 3 knitting needle
Large eye sewing needle to tuck in ends

*note – always slip sts as if to knit, the twist makes a nicer finished wedge*

Cast on 15 sts
Row 1) k across
Rows 2, 4 & 6) k3, yo, k11, turn
Row 3 & all remaining odd rows)  slip 1, k to end
Row 8) bind off 3 sts, k 10, turn
Rows 10, 12 & 14) k3, yo, k7, turn
Row 16) bind off 3 sts, k6, turn
Rows 18, 20 & 22) k3, yo, k3, turn
Row 24) bind off 3 sts, k to end of row

This makes one wedge.  Repeat rows 1 – 24 for a total of 6 wedges.  You may alternate contrasting or complimentary colors for the wedges.  Variegated yarns make their own patterns.

Using the size 3 needle, pick up 15 sts along the cast on edge.  (For best results, pick up the sts from the edge itself, not by making loops with the working yarn.)  Holding the size 3 right along side the size 7 with the sts on it, knit through BOTH 1st sts (one from each needle) and knit them together.  Repeat with both 2nd sts, bind off the 1st st.  Continue in this manner until all sts are bound off.

Using the beginning tail of yarn, thread it through sts around the middle hole and draw up tight.  Separate the yarn ends into 4 plies.  Using the sewing needle, work each ply into the knitted fabric for about 1”, snip off end.

No part of this pattern may be reproduced in any form without written consent of Pegg Thomas and a fee paid.  These instructions are for personal use only and are not to be mechanically or mass reproduced for sale.  Pegg Thomas disclaims any and all liability for unsatisfactory results.  All information has been presented in good faith, but due to individual stitching abilities, no warranty of results is guaranteed.

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